ABC’s first ‘Golden Bachelor’ is a 71-year-old restaurateur and widower from Indiana

Without pens or actors, TV’s future looks veritably bleak. And by “ future, ” we actually mean exactly what it looks like right now, videlicet a wasteland of “ strike- evidence ”( per The Hollywood journalist) reality programming that’s starting to sound a little more like a Rick And Morty inter dimensional string bit or fake 30 Rock slate than anything that should actually be on our defenses.

Like what if The Bachelor, but old? Cannon-20-something Revolve models actually be manipulated to gashes by directors find love? Will the prospective bachelorettes in the house be suitable to bring reading material other than the bible or, like, call their families? Forget about your Severance prognostications and Yellow jackets propositions, because these are the types of questions we get to look forward to in a Hollywood devoid of the creative’s that actually make it worthwhile in the first place.

We know the conception of The Golden Bachelor has been around for a while — the ballot first started posting casting calls all the way back in 2020. Still, especially considering this long gravidity period, the timing sure does feel accessible, does not it?)

Anyway, it’s some joe named Gerry Turner. The newest/ oldest bachelorette is a 71- time-old companion and father of two from Indiana, who believes it’s “no way too late to fall in love again.” He was blazoned moment in a member on Good Morning America, where he revealed that his two daughters, Angie and Jenny, encouraged him to apply for the show. Gerry had preliminarily been married to his high academy squeeze , Toni, who fell ill and failed in 2017 after the couple had been married for 43 times.

“For a while it was like, I was having a hard time figuring out if she’d be okay. But we always told each other when one of us goes, we want the other to be happy,” Gerry said of his late woman. “She’s over there lodging( for me). She’s byword, ‘Yeah, Gary. Do this. ’”

While an actually thoughtful and conscientious show about situations like Gerry’s and the general elderly courting pool would be a welcome and stimulating bit of representation, we cannot say we’re holding out too important stopgap for the ballot whose directors formerly famously asked a competitor if she missed her family to get her to cry on camera, and also played off her waterworks as woe over losing the love of her life. But we’d clearly be happy to be proven wrong.

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