Is Twitter down in the UK and worldwide? Elon Musk introduces post limits what’ rate limit exceeded’ means

Twitter was down for numerous druggies this weekend as people were left unfit to use the social media platform.

The app is displaying a’ rate limit exceeded’ communication for those trying to refresh their feed on Saturday, 1 July. Issues are being reported on the app as well as the website.

For some druggies, they’re unfit to search biographies or motifs as well as the feed. DownDetector first entered reports of issues with Twitter just after 12 pm( noon) on Saturday.

On DownDetector the maturity of issues are being reported on the mobile app but issues are being endured on the desktop interpretation of Twitter as well.

Elon Musk latterly verified that the company was starting to introduce” temporary limits” on the number of posts druggies can view each day.

What does’ rate limit exceeded’ mean?

If you’re seeing the communication- it means that you have reached the maximum limit of posts you can see on that day. On the mobile app this appears to limit the replies you can see underneath a post as well as impacting if you can refresh your feed.

Explaining the measures, Musk twittered” To address extreme situations of data scraping & system manipulation, we have applied the following temporary limits.

  • vindicated accounts are limited to reading 6,000 posts/ day
  • unverified accounts to 600 posts/ day
  • new unverified accounts to 300 posts/ day

What has the response been?

But the move sparked a cutting response from numerous druggies, including Matt Navarra, a social media adviser and assiduity critic, who told the PA news agency “ noway have I seen a social network try so hard to put people off using a platform and to fully dock any implicit future for its business. ”

And Adam Leon Smith, of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT – the UK’s professional body for IT, said it’s “ veritably odd to start rate- limiting the reading of a social network ”, as limiting druggies ’ scroll time “ will affect advertising profit ”.

Mr. Musk has not said when exactly the limits will increase, or how long the restrictions will be in place for.

In the UK, thousands of people complained of problems penetrating the point from 12 pm onwards on Saturday.#Twitterdown and RIP Twitter began trending as frustrated druggies were faced with a communication saying “ Rate limit exceeded. Please stay a many moments also try again ”.

After taking over Twitter, Mr Musk laid off some 80 of its 8,000 global staff – and admitted it redounded in the platform losing a large quantum of its functionality.

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