Taylor Swift & John Mayer’s Age Gap She Was ‘ Too youthful ’ When They Dated

They compactly dated between 2009 and 2010 and while celebrity loves always capture the public’s attention, it was Taylor Swift and John Mayer’s age gap that had people preoccupied.

In 2009, Swift told Elle magazine that Mayer was one artist she really wanted to unite with. “ He Twittered the other day that he wrote a song, and he wants to make it a duet with me, ” she said at the time. “ I freaked out when I heard because I ’ve been such a big addict of John for such a long time. I ’m really agitated about just the idea that he’d indeed mention me in his Twitter! ”

Speaking with MTV, Mayer further explained his intentions around firstly reaching out to Swift via social media He joked that there’s “ no better way to put it out into the macrocosm than to tweet it, ” adding, “ but also it’s not like she reads the tweet and goes, ‘ I ’m in, ’ although she may have. I do n’t flash back . ” unite they did, latterly that time for “ Half of My Heart ”, on his reader Battle Studies. They would go on to perform a sprinkle of shows together.

also, US Weekly reported that Swift and Mayer enjoyed a two- hour regale at Nashville’s Bistro Cabana on January 24, 2010. which sparked rumors that their fellowship was raising. After moving out of her parent’s home in December to her new lodgings in Tennessee, Swift latterly broke it off with Taylor Lautner to make Taylor squared a single Taylor formerly more. Swift and Mayer reportedly clicked when they were both in Nashville on January 24 and were seen flirting in a recording plant. “ She was sitting on John’s stage, her arms were around him, and she was talking in his observance, ” a source told InTouch Weekly magazine. “ They were acting like teenagers. ”

Neither spoke intimately on the love, but both released bifurcation songs Swift’s “ Dear John ” and Mayer’s “ Paper Doll ” — which are extensively believed to reference their relationship.

What was Taylor Swift and John Mayer’s age gap?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer’s age gap is 12 times. While that does n’t feel like a lot by moment’s norms, Swift was only 19, and Mayer was 32, when they got together, which was a sore enough point for her to mention it in her 2010 song “ Dear John ”. The composition features the lyrics “ Dear John, I see it all now that you ’re gone Do n’t you suppose I was too youthful to be meddled with? ”

Speaking to People about the alleviation for the song, Swift did n’t mention who it was about. “ A lot of times when people’s connections end, they write an dispatch to that person and say everything that they wish they would have said, ” she said, adding “ A lot of times they do n’t push shoot. ”

In 2012, Swift told Glamour that it was “ presumptuous ” to suppose “ Dear John ” was about Mayer. “ I noway expose who my songs are about. ” She added that she had avoided reading his response. “ I know it was n’t good, so I do n’t want to know, ” Swift said. “ I put a high precedence on staying happy, and I know what I ca n’t handle. ” She continued, “ It’s not that I ’m this egoist and I do n’t want to hear anything negative, because I do keep myself in check. But I ’ve noway developed that thick a skin. So I just kind of live a life, and I let all the gossip live nearlyelse. However, it can change everything about who you are, If you go too far down the rabbit hole of what people suppose about you. ”

The song firstly appeared on Swift’s third plant reader, Speak Now, and wasre-released on July 7, 2023, as part of her Taylor’s Version-recordings reclaiming power over her material after Scooter Braun vended the rights to her music. “ The songs that came from this time in my life were marked by their brutal honesty, undressed diaristic admissions and wild wistfulness. I love this reader because it tells a tale of growing up, flailing, flying and crashing and living to speak about it, ” she twittered in May 2023, upon publicizing the Speak Nowre-recordings.

The song “ Dear John ” caught Mayer off- guard when it was first released in 2010 so it ’ll be intriguing to see how he reacts once their relationship is back under the microscope. He told Rolling Stone in 2012 that, “ I noway got ane-mail. I noway got a phone call, ” he said. “ I was really caught off- guard, and it really lowered me at a time when I ’d formerly been dressed down. I mean, how would you feel if, at the smallest you ’ve ever been, someone demurred you indeed lower? ” When asked about the song’s line, “ Do n’t you suppose I was too youthful to be meddled with? ” Mayer said, “ I do n’t want to go into that. ”

He continued “ I’ll say as a tunesmith that I suppose it’s kind of cheap tunesmith. I know she’s the biggest thing in the world, and I ’m not trying to sink anybody’s boat, but I suppose it’s abusing your gift to rub your hands together and go, ‘ stay till he gets a cargo of this! ’ That’s bullshit. ”

Their age gap and ill- fated relationship entered farther scrutiny when Swift released “ Would ’ve, Could ’ve, Should ’ve ” on her Nights reader “ Give me back my girlhood, it was mine first And I damn sure noway would ’ve danced with the devil At nineteen, ” the lyrics go.

Upon joining TikTok in March 2021, Mayer set up a slew of Swift suckers that were n’t so happy to see him. Hours after his first post, the commentary were swamped with compliances about the former couple’s 12- time age difference. “ You ’re not safe then john, ” one TikTok stoner wrote beneath Mayer’s first upload. Another addict substantiated the lyrics to Swift’s 2010 song “ Dear John, ” writing, “ John do n’t you suppose 19 was too youthful? ”

He latterly uploaded a videotape with textbook overlay that read “ POV You ’re berating me and I ’m hearing you out, ” he identified the clip, causing fellow TikTok druggies to presume that it was his response to Swifties ’ commentary. “ she had enough dirt on you to write a 6 and half nanosecond song, ” wrote one stoner. “ She was a time out of high academy and you were in you 30s, ” said another.








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